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You probably found this page by searching for the phrase “play games for money” in google. Well you’ve come to the right place. We are dedicated to helping you get paid to play games online. The purpose of this website is to become a useful resource for people looking to make easy money just by playing the games that they enjoy.

Skill games and games of chance

Broadly, games can be classified as either skill games or games of chance although there are some e.g. blackjack where the distinction is not so clear. It is possible to make money online playing games for money

Skill based games like poker and backgammon offer you an edge for winning and are the best types of games to play for money online. The “skill” comes in finding out how to exploit that edge. This doesn’t mean just learning the rules, you will also need to understand the game’s nuances and different strategies. Ultimately, you can become better than the average person who hasn’t bothered to do the hard work and therefore have a huge advantage when your playing to win money.

Chance based games like bingo and casino games always give the house an edge. This should not put you off as this absolutely does not mean that you cant win money playing them. They are also usually much more fun and dont require any skill. If you take a look around the site, you will find articles on strategies you should adopt when playing casino games to maximise your chances of winning.

Do your research!

Both online casinos and skill game rooms run numerous promotions and offer bonuses to their players. Bonuses give you the chance to enhance your bankroll and it usually the online casinos that offer the biggest bonuses and higher value promotions. Take a look at our detailed reviews to find out more about individual operators. It’s important to do your research so you sign up to a site that offers the bonuses, games and promotions that best meet your needs. You should also take a look at the security at the site, payout reports, certifications and licenses. Another important aspect is the software the website employs. It should ideally be from a well-known provider like Microgaming or Playtech. Some sites will make you download software in order to start playing their games, others provide an instant play version. Choose an operator that fills all your requirements and enjoy the thrill of playing games for real money.

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