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Bingo is a simple and fun game that you can play for money online. Bingo is a game of chance that is played with randomly drawn numbers. These numbers are matched against bingo cards, which are numbers that have been pre-selected on game cards prior to the start of the bingo game. Normally a pattern is specified prior to the start of the bingo game and the game ends when a player fills his card in the specified pattern and calls out “Bingo”. There are a number of variations but the general principal is the same. There is 75 number and 90 number bingo. 75 ball bingo is played with a 5 by 5 card and 90 ball bingo is played with a 9 by 3 card. Both variations are prominent online.


As in many games, bingo players have their own terminology. Some of the terms are:

Ready/Waiting/Cased/Set/ Chance/ On – These terms are all used when a player only need one more number to make a bingo.

Breaking the Bubble – The bubble is the minimum number of balls required to complete the particular bingo pattern that has been specified.

Jumping the Gun – Someone who “Jumped the Gun” has called out that they have a Bingo before they actually make one. This is normally done either as a mistake or when a bingo player sees the number that they need in the next number screen and call the Bingo before the number is actually called.

Wild numbers – Many times there is a wild number that will allow bingo players to start with multiple called numbers.

Standard – These are all numbers that end with the second digit of the first number, if the first number is 22 then 2 and B2 would be considered a called number.

Forwards and Backwards – These are all numbers that either begin or end with the Wild number.

False Alarm – This is when a player calls a Bingo by mistake.

Crying Number – This is the number that is shown as the next number when the Bingo has been called. The reason for this is that any player that needed the crying number to make their bingo would be “crying”.

Bingo is a game that has been around since the 18th century and it is a game that has grown rapidly in popularity around the world.

Variations and Forms

In addition to 75 ball and 90 ball bingo there are the flowing variations of bingo. They are U Pick Em Bingo, Quick Shot Bingo, Bonanza Bingo, Horse Racing Bingo, Table Bingo, and Electronic Bingo. Other forms of the game of bingo are Buzzword bingo, Bovine bingo, Cyber Bingo, Online Bingo, Road Kill bingo, Lingo, Slingo, I Got It bingo, and Bingo America.

Playing Bingo Online

There are many advantages of playing bingo online. First of all the potential prize pools are much bigger. There is an Auto Daub feature that can optionally mark where numbers are called. There are also features such as Best Card Sorting and Best Card Highlighting which make is easy to see the best cards that you have in any given game of Bingo.

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