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Craps is a dice game in which you bet your money on the outcome of the roll, or a series of rolls, of a pair of dice. For someone who has never been at a craps table, it can be a very intimidating and a complex looking game. Everything takes place at a very fast pace and in a language often foreign to the observer. There are many types of bets you can place on a craps table. Knowing which bets to place when, and which ones not to, you can earn a lot of cash.


The game is derived from an old English game called Hazard. It was later influenced by French gamblers, before being introduced in America. It was originally called Crapaud – toad in French – because of the way people used to crouch over the floor or side walks to play the game. It was popularized in America mainly by the African American community. In present times, street crap is called shooting dice and Craps is the name given to the game played in casinos. The game is now also popular in many online casinos, such as:

Rules and terms

Multiple players play against the casino in this game. The person throwing the dice is called the shooter. The playing board is divided into a lot of sections and you can place the bet in the desired section or ask the dealer to do so. At first the table might look like a very complex picture and choosing between almost 40 bets can be a bit daunting, but by learning about a few simple bets you can have a great time at the table.

The most fundamental bet in the game of Craps is that of a passline. You place your bet on the passline before the next shooter rolls. If roll of the die sums up to a 7 or an 11, you win. You lose if the sum is 2, 3 or 12. If the sum is any thing other than these numbers, then that number becomes a point number and the shooter has to keep rolling till the sum comes to 7 or the point number. If a roll of 7 comes first then you lose, and if the point number comes first, then you win.

You also have a ‘don’t pass’ bet. This is completely opposite to a passline bet as you are betting against the dice. Also, the winning numbers for you now are 2, 3 and 12, and the losing numbers are 7 and 11. If a point number comes up, then for you to win, a 7 should be rolled before the point number is rolled.

If you want to reduce the house edge significantly, then there is no better bet than taking the odds in craps. For this you need to make a passline bet first and if a point number is rolled, then you can bet upon taking the odds. Basically what this means is that if a point number is rolled before seven, you win. The bet has to be a multiple of your passline bet.

There are also various single-roll bets or service bets. If not in an online environment, always remember that only the stickman or a dealer can place the service bets. You can bet on any particular number. The main purpose of such bets is to keep the wagers coming in on the table.

Betting Strategy

Unlike some other casino games like Blackjack or Poker, Craps is a lot more dependent upon your luck. Still, you must keep certain things in mind before placing a bet. Always remember that the passline bet and some other bets like the place bet on 6 and 8 are the safest bets as they give the lowest edge to the house. In any other bet, you will lose money three to twelve times faster.

The game is simply based on the outcome of numbers on a pair of dice. So if you look at the math of it all, there is only one way to roll a 2, that is a 1 on each dice but a 7 can be rolled in 6 different ways. This means that the probability of rolling a 7 is always more than any other number, and the probability of a 2 or a twelve being rolled is the least. Always place your bets keeping these odds in mind.


There are a few variants to the game and one of them is New York Craps, mostly played in the eastern parts of the US. The variation is different in a lot of ways but the main one being that a few bets like come/don’t come bets are not allowed. The table layout is also different. House edge is also extremely high in this version.

There are also card based variations of the game which came into picture because California law did not allow for payouts based on the roll of a dice. In this variation, instead of dice, you have two show racks which have card decks containing only aces and numbered cards from 2 to 6.

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