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Dominoes, is an ancient game played with numbered tiles, and is hugely popular today as well. The rules of the game are very simple and scoring is also very easy. This game can be played by up to four players at a time. In this game, all you need to do is empty your hand and at the same time block your opponent’s hand. This game is believed to have originated in China, somewhere around the 12th century. It is now a popular game in the European clubs, and is also the national game of many South American dominoes for money

The game is usually played with a 28 piece set of dominoes. Dominoes are small rectangular tiles divided by a line down the center, parallel to the shorter side. One of the rectangular faces of each tile has black markings on them called pips. Pips may number from 0 to 6. Mostly two types of games are played, one is a block game and the other is a scoring game, with the basic rules being the same for both the games. The 28 tile set is shuffled and all the tiles are kept face-down. This forms the bone yard. Each player picks the tiles from the bone yard and keeps them on the edge so he can see the tiles but others can’t.

To begin the game the player with the highest double piece, (piece with two sixes or two threes) puts the piece in the centre. The player is called downer and the piece is called spinner. Then the player left to him keeps his piece perpendicular to the piece. Now, either end of his piece must have the same number of pips as on the first piece. The next player does the same making a plus shape. After this players must choose their tiles in such a way that the end touching the previously laid tile has the same number of pips. The first player to lay down his last tile wins.

This game can be played with slightly different rules as well. In a scoring game, the scoring is done with each move played. Every move adds or removes from the current score of the board. The amount of variations possible with the game makes it popular across the globe

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