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Is Poker Skill or Luck?

Whether or not Poker is a game of skill or luck is the question that United States Courts and Legislators are trying to determine with respect to the legalization of it and the classification of Poker as Gambling or not. Among a group of players that were all inexperienced players, then the game of poker would be very much a game of luck. However, there are many players today that are skilled in the game of poker and with their skills in the game, the reliance on luck is less of a factor. In fact, to experienced and knowledgeable players of the game of poker, luck is really just probability. There are many skills that a poker player can develop and these skills improve their winning percentage. A skilled poker player will not focus on the results of one evening of poker but will rather look at poker as a life long game that, as long as they utilize their understanding of the mathematics of the game to improve the odds in to their favor, will make them winners in the long run.

Know when to hold them and know when to fold them

The line from the Kenny Rogers song is a very important principal in the game of poker. Playing a hand when the probabilities of your winning the hand are not justified by the amount of money that you could win in the event that you did make your hand is one of the major principals of a successful poker player. A successful poker player with understand the mathematics of the game. From this understanding they are able to know when it is profitable or not profitable to play or fold a hand.

Outs and Odds

The mathematics of the game of poker is not that complicated but it is a critical factor in the success of a poker player. Outs are the number of cards that are still in the deck that could improve a poker hand. By counting the number of possible cards, that have not already been exposed, that could improve your hand, you have determined the number of Outs that you have. By comparing the number of Outs to the number of unseen cards remaining in the deck and the number of cards that remain to be dealt in the hand, you can figure out the probability of improving your hand. By knowing how much money that you are wagering for, both what is in the pot now and what will be put in to the pot if you make your hand, then you can determine the Pot and Implied Odds. By correlating a relationship between the probability of improving your hand and the Pot and Implied Odds, you can determine if it makes sense in the long run to continue to play the hand.

Big bluffs and exciting plays

Because of the popularity of poker in movies and in televised tournaments, many people that play the game of poker look at the big bluffs and the exciting plays as the sign of a good poker player. This is very far from the truth however. Good poker players are very observant and analytical. They get very good at determining what other players have, without looking at their cards, by watching how the play of the hand has proceeded. They also consider how the opposing player has dealt with similar situations in the past. So the big bluffs and amazing calls that you see on televised tournaments are based upon these evaluations, and these evaluations are skill and not luck or bravado.

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