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At best, roulette is a game that has a very high house edge and therefore if you want to hit the casino and win some money, you had better have some experience and skill. Luckily, you can get some of the best skill from playing online roulette rather than playing it in a brick and mortar casino. It is important that as a novice player you start on the internet. There, you can play free roulette for as long as you want until you feel that you have gained some very good insights into the game. You will never regret this at roulette for money

If you want to play games for money online and have chosen roulette then the first thing you need to understand is the roulette wheel. This wheel is numbered and it is on the numbers that players place their bets on the winning numbers. Alternatively, players can also bet on a combination of numbers, choose the colors or bet on odd or even numbers. This game is not very easy to play but it is full of fun. However, some players who have been at it for a long time have mastered the art of reducing the house edge and they do take home some wins every now and then.

When you get to a brick and mortar casino to play roulette, do not be surprised by the frantic activity that you will find at the tables. Rather, buy your chips and hop onto the game for your spins. You can only get a maximum of 30 spins in every hour meaning that you may not be hurt by then house edge because the less that you spin, then the lesser that you lose. But in the first place, you are here to have some fun, aren’t you?

It is easy to buy in but you have to have some clarification here. The chips that you buy for a particular table are only valid for that table and you cannot use them at any other table. Therefore, after you have finished playing, you must cash in your chips with the cashier. When you join a table, you must purchase a special let of chips that you will use for betting. To avoid confusion, each player gets differently colored chips. Again, you must know that when you place a bet on a number, combination of numbers or colors, you must bet on the minimum and the maximum, placed on the inside and outside of the wheel. That means that if the minimum is $7, you must bet $7 on the inside and another $7 the outside. On the contrary you would not bet, say, like $5 on the inside and $2 on the outside.

The dealer is supposed to keep the ball moving at all times, even between spins. To set it off, he spins the ball in the opposite direction against the wheel. The ball lands on the winning number and the dealer places a marker on that number. Only after the dealer spins the ball are you allowed to place bets. Because every roulette player has differently colored chips, then you can place yours on any numbers even if the number you want to bet on is covered by other chips from another player. If that combination of numbers wins, then you can split the winnings with the other player. When the ball slows down, the dealer will raise a hand and say; “No more bets” until the dealer removes the marker from the previous winning numbers, you are not allowed to place another bet.

While playing online roulette, you are going to find a lot of information about how you can reduce the house edge by buying a system. The truth is that as much as you would like to do that. You cannot do anything against the house edge and therefore it is advisable not to waste your money on software that promise you that. So the question that comes up is; if there is no way to reduce the house edge, then why even play at all? The answer is that you have as much chances of winning as the other players at the table. If you are play roulette on the American wheel, which has 38 numbers, then the chances of having the ball land on your number is 1 out of 38 and so it also is for the other players.

If you think that it is fun to play roulette in the brick and mortar casino, then you can be sure that it is ten times more exciting to play it on the internet. When you play online roulette, you hardly need to download anything because you can play straight in your internet browser. This is fun because with the advent of handheld web enabled devices, you can virtually carry your roulette game with you wherever you go. You should also know that virtual casinos have been designed to look exactly just like the real casinos, complete with the colors, the graphics, the sound effects and the animation. While you play roulette in cyberspace, you will almost think that you are in a real casino. This is also the best way of learning some handy tips and roulette lingo. As you play online roulette, find out some more about the strategies that you can incorporate to increase your chances of winning. See also why this is the most exciting game you have ever played as you gain more experience on the internet, you can now go and play your game in the casino. If you know the rules of the game, then you will enjoy the game more.

Learning to play roulette is both easy and hard at the same time. You place your chips on the number where you think the ball will land. What makes it hard is the fact there are so many betting options and so chances are that the ball could land just about anywhere. Since you cannot place a bet on every number, then this means that your chances of winning are minimal. What happens in the casino is pretty much the same that happens in online roulette. But forget winning for a moment and enjoy the fun, the thrill and the suspense.

Whether you play roulette in the casino or on the internet, the truth is that it is a g. It will be money well spent.

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