How to Play 90-Ball Bingo

Bingo is a fun online game that you can play for money. This article will talk about 90-Ball Bingo which is the UK favored way to play bingo. The game is fundamentally based on the same rules as the traditional North American version, 75-Ball Bingo, but has a lot of rule variations that make the game more exciting for European players, as well as most Australian bingo fans.

The difficulty of learning how to play 90-Ball Bingo really depends on your level of bingo knowledge in general. If you’ve ever played 75-Ball Bingo, learning how to play 90-Ball Bingo will be a breeze. Either way, this guide to how to play 90-Ball Bingo will teach you everything you need to know.

How to Play 90-Ball Bingo: Numbers

The name says it all. 90-Ball Bingo is played with 90 numbered balls, ranging from 1 thru 90.One at a time, the numbers are randomly drawn and called out. If playing online bingo, a Random Number Generator (RNG) is built into the software to facilitate the unpredictable, arbitrary selection of numbers. In a live setting, there is often a machine that continuously mixed the balls and forces one up a tube with air flow.

All called numbers are displayed on a large screen for clear visibility to all players. Numbers are also audibly called out, but the board helps players keep up with any numbers they may have missed, or to make sure no numbers were incorrectly marked.

How to Play 90-Ball Bingo: Tickets

90-Ball Bingo is played on tickets. A ticket has 9 columns down and 3 rows across, for a total of 27 squares. However, only 15 of those squares will actually contain numbers. The other 12 squares are empty. There are 5 numbered squares per row.

Different columns may only contain a specific range of numbers. The first column, for instance, can contain only the number 1-9, the second column 10-19, third column 20-29, etc, all the way up to the ninth column of 80-90.

Note: That is not a typo. The first column can only contain one of nine number (1-9) while the last column can contain one of eleven numbers (80-90). There is no logical reason for this – it’s just the way it is 🙂

How to Play 90-Ball Bingo: Playing the Game

90-Ball Bingo is very simply to play. When a number is called, the player looks on his/her ticket(s) and marks off any of those numbers with a dauber; a large, foam-topped blotting marker. The game continues in this fashion until someone wins the first round. The game carries on until a second round winner is declared, and finally a third round winner. There are three winner per game of 90-Ball Bingo.

How to Play 90-Ball Bingo: Winning

Unlike 75-Ball Bingo, the 90-Ball version has three winners per game. The individual wins are called the “One Line” win, the “Two Line” win and the “Full House”.

A One Line win is awarded to the first player to successfully daub all 5 numbers in a single 90-Ball Bingo ticket row.

The Two Line win is awarded to the first player to successfully daub all 5 numbers in two 90-Ball Bingo ticket rows.

The Full House (can you guess?) is awarded to the first player to successfully daub all numbers on a 90-Ball Bingo ticket (all 5 numbers in all three rows).

Winning the Full House will usually pay a higher prize than the One Line and Two Line winners.

How to Play 90-Ball Bingo: Online Bingo

Playing 90-Ball Bingo online is a lot different from the live bingo hall game. The rules of playing and winning are of course the same, but the game play itself is very dissimilar. For one, players are not required to mark their 90-Ball Bingo tickets. The software will do this automatically with an auto-daub feature. You can choose to turn it off, but most players prefer the error-free game play.

Because you are not required to watch your 90-Ball Bingo tickets, you can participate in the bingo community chat, known for its friendly camaraderie. To keep up with your progress in the game, your 90-Ball Bingo tickets are instantly re-ordered with every new number called to put the closest to winning tickets right on top. And if you’re 1-away, you’ll know it by the color of your tickets.

Don’t worry about being the first to call out “Bingo!” either. When you play 90-Ball Bingo online, the software takes care of that too. Any winner is automatically announced the moment the winning ball is called. In fact, you don’t really have to be present to win online bingo games. You can purchase your cards and walk away from the computer if you wish. Or pre-purchase your cards before a specific game of 90-Ball Bingo begins and you won’t even have to be online!

The technological advancement of online gaming are incredible. You don’t even have to know how to play 90-Ball Bingo. So long as you click your way through the purchase of a ticket, you can win 90-Ball Bingo online.

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