No Limit Hold Em Rules

Texas Hold Em is one of the most popular and fastest growing games on the planet. No Limit Hold Em is the King of Texas Hold Em, a variant of online poker.


The game is played with a 52 card deck.

There are 4 suits which are Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs.

There are 13 cards of each suit in the deck. Each suit contains and Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2.

The game is played primarily with from 2 to 10 players

Hand action is moved in a clockwise motion around the table and is tracked with the use of a Dealer Button. Although the players, except in home games, are not dealing the cards themselves, a player is considered the Dealer in every hand for the purpose of determining the sequence of betting in the hand.

Before the start of each hand the players in the two seats to the right of the player with the Dealer Button post initial bets that are called the small blind and the big blind respectively. The amount of these bets is dependent on the limits of the game. In some games there may also be an ante that all players in the hand must put in to the pot.
After the blinds and antes, if applicable, are posted by the players, two cards are dealt to each player. The card are dealt one at a time beginning with the player seated to the right of the player with the Dealer Button. These are called hole cards.

After the hole cards are dealt there is a round of betting that begins with the player to the right of the big blind and the betting action progresses in a clockwise fashion until the players that have posted blinds have the chance to participate in the betting action. The bet must be a minimum of the amount of the big blind and in no limit hold em games can be raised to any amount that the player has on the table. The minimum raise would be double the big blind.

After the first, pre flop round of betting is completed there are 3 card placed face up on the board. This is called the flop and these cards are community cards that any player can use to make a hand.

After the flop there is a round of betting beginning with the player directly to the right of the player with the Dealer Button. The same rules for betting and raising apply as on the pre flop action. If there has been no action, before the player to act, then that player has the option of declining to bet, called checking. This option goes away as soon as a bet has been made in this round.
After this betting round has completed another card

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is placed face up on the board and this card is called the Turn card. Another betting round takes place in the same manner as on the post flop betting.
After the betting is completed following the Turn card, another and final card is placed face up on the board and this is called the River Card.
The final round of betting takes place after the River card is dealt. Any player that has called all bets will have a chance to win the pot based upon a show down to determine who has the best hand. If a player has bet and is not called then he will win the pot and does not have to expose his hole cards.

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